Shape: Most hoppers and silos are made for heavy material and do not work well with ground foam. Our hoppers have been designed specifically for this industry.

Strength: Our walls are made of 14 gage formed-steel panels, bolted together and reinforced by 3" structural steel. These rugged walls are designed to offer years of trouble free service.

Dust Reducing: This is a totally enclosed system with high efficiency cyclone dust separators. A poor dust removal system will either not work well, cause maintenance headaches, or reduce production. We have years of experience developing clean air systems that capture and recycle dust back into your product. Our systems help you keep your facility cleaner without negatively affecting your grinding capacity.

Filtration Tent: Over the years, we have experimented with several tent materials and designs. Our tents are now made of an extremely tough material that offers the highest CFM flow possible. The size and design makes them 90% self cleaning, and when properly maintained, they can have a life of about 1 1/2 years.

Ease of Operation: This system features a catwalk system down the front, large access walkways inside of the bag house, skylight windows in the bag house, large windows in the front, inspection doors in the walls, and conveniently located bag house clean-out doors.

Quality Components: We use only the best components on the market. Each hopper comes equipped with a 20 HP motor, 60:1 Sumitomo gearbox, and 3 1/2" bearings.

Ribbon Auger Flighting: Our standard hopper comes with 9 fluffer arms to prevent bridging. Depending on your needs, we can add ribbon auger flighting at the ends. This addition does a much better job of cleaning out the bin in some configurations. 

Discharge Options: Our standard bin features a single discharge gate located at the center of the bottom. We can also supply multiple discharge gates to help with double mold systems. We also offer an optional auger bottom which meters out material with greater accuracy. 

High Accuracy, Debris Separating Batching System: Our new draw up systems come with our Dry Transfer Trash Separator and our ultra accurate batching process.
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