While we build molds in a variety of sizes, larger logs increase your profits. Because of our advancements in blending and transfer times, we can mold 80” logs as fast as any 65” or 70” molds. Larger logs mean you do less pre-rounding per net yard of product and enable you to do fewer splices, thus yields are higher than with smaller molds. Yield is increased roughly 1% compared to a 70” mold, 3.2% compared to a 60” mold, and 5.75% compared to a 54” mold.

In addition to reducing your scrap fall off and increasing your total yards per hour at the mold, your peeler can spend more time cutting and less time reloading. So the total peeled yards per shift increases as well. Savings are also seen at the Splicer. Fewer splices means faster production speeds are achievable on your laminator.

Our newly designed molds have fewer moving parts, so there is less maintenance.

We have re-designed the exoskeleton of the mold so that it is much stronger, retaining its shape better. 

Our mold tube comes with a retainer skirt on top which aids in guiding the foam from the transfer conveyor to the mold. This keeps the entire molding area cleaner and improves the transfer efficiency.

This machine is designed to mold a 5" center hole into the log. This feature reduces scrap losses by eliminating the core and reducing pre-rounding loss at the peeler, as well as increasing production at the peeler.

Our molds and blenders come with extensive catwalk systems to make operation and maintenance safer and easier.

​The entire molding process is fully automatic, and controlled by a PC loaded with Wonderware. The control system has an intuitive graphics display that shows exactly where each component of the process is. Additionally, it features a report generator that is very useful for evaluating and streamlining your process.

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