Granulator Systems:
Most granulators are designed for grinding other materials, and are adapted to the foam industry. Eagle Machine Design, Inc. is dedicated solely to the Rebond Underlay Industry, so our foam grinder and granulators are designed specifically for foam. Set beside any other foam grinding equipment in the world, the difference is clear. 

Dust Recovery Hopper System:
Eagle Machine Design offers the most advanced hopper and draw-up system in the industry. Our newest design features anti-bridging fluffers, dust recovery and re-use, debris separation, and increased accuracy draw-up to achieve the lowest product variation possible.

Mixing and Molding System:
Our molding system has been designed to achieve the lowest cost logs in the industry. Advances in mixing, transfer, mold construction, steam injection, and drying enable our systems to produce high volume, quality logs that reduce binder cost and increase yield.

Lamination Line:
Eagle Machine Design offers the most automated lamination line in the world. Because automation improves consistency and yield, we have invested years into automating the finishing process from mandrel insert and log loading process at the peeler all the way to packaging. We have an automated splicer, wind-up machine, and packaging. We also offer a 26" diameter, electric laminator. The electric laminator reduces maintenance, noise and floor space. Our large, 26" diameter drums give better compression with less pressure, increase speed and reducing wear on the Teflon tape.

Additionally, we provide consulting services to help you maximize the profitability of your system. We have developed advanced process analysis tools that will enable you quickly see your systems bottle-necks and waste, and enable you to truly maximize your continuous improvement efforts. Contact us today to see how we can help you:
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