Eagle Machine Design is the world's leading provider of high quality, custom built machinery for the bonded carpet cushion industry. 
From our basic, entry level machines to our most advanced, fully automated systems, we engineer our underlay equipment with profitability in mind.
Every year we introduce new innovations that enable our customers to reduce their cost of goods sold. We understand that we do not sell the cheapest machinery on the market. But our goal is to provide the most cost effective machinery in the World.

Those Who Want to Maximize Their Business Choose Eagle!
  • Increase yield 
  • Increase production 
  • Increase quality
  • Lower total product cost
From grinding to packaging...
Eagle Machine Design, Inc. is a full service provider that can help you improve every step of the rebond process. We supply Grinders and Shredders, Hoppers and Silos, Mixers and Molds, and full Lamination Lines from Peelers to Packaging Equipment. A few of our notable advantages are:
15,000 lb/hr Granulator
Metal, wood, and plastic separator
Precision batching process
Dust containment and reuse system
Fully automated molding system
Let your business soar with Eagle!

Automatic mandrel insert
Automatic peeler loader
Automatic tape splicer
Automatic wind up
Automatic packaging
Material handling costs money. We offer the most "hands off" machinery in the industry.

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Simply the highest capacity underlay machinery in the World.
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Our innovations enable you to produce the highest quality product and the lowest total cost.
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In recent years, we have begun to develop lower cost machines for start-up companies and those with smaller production needs. These machines are designed to be a cost effective entry point that can be expanded easily as your production needs grow. And as can be expected, this new line of equipment receives the same quality craftsmanship as the larger systems.
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